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Its really no news, because we have been running 1.14.4 for some time.
But what you didnt know is that we actually switched to a newer server, so even tho 1.14.4 can be laggy, we are trying to keep up on the performance.

24 Nov 2019, 01:28 0 | 4
A few nice updates to our website.

First of all traffic from your browser to our webserver is now secure, using SSL/HTTPS
Second, we have updated the dns servers so that is the url to use, anyone using will be redirected here :)

More updates coming soon 

23 Nov 2019, 23:59 0 | 2
Our survival and skyblock server now has an auction house.
put up your items for sale and buy what other players offer!


13 Aug 2017, 21:07 0 | 3
Just minutes ago we updated our servers to run 1.12.1


03 Aug 2017, 17:35 2 | 7
Look at these cool dudes .. some of our loyal supporters !!

you will find them all in the house of people next to spawn in our survival server.


03 Aug 2017, 02:19 1 | 12